2020 URES Executive Officers

President: Emily Zhou

Emily Zhou is an incoming Junior Finance major, concentrating in Real Estate, with a minor in Management Information Systems. In addition to URES, she is also involved in Phi Chi Theta on campus, and has been selected as a 2020 ICSC Undergraduate Scholar and 2020 CREW Network Scholar. This summer, she will be interning with JLL. In her free time, she enjoys playing golf and attending music festivals. 

Vice President of Professional Affairs: Swastika Sah

Swastika Sah is a Junior Finance major, concentrating in Real Estate, with a minor in Media and Entertainment Industries. Apart from URES, she is also currently the Director or Marketing and Recruiting for University Finance Association, Director of Campus Relations for Nepali Student Association, and a mentor for the McCombs Success Scholar Program. In her free time, she loves to attend dance workshops, play soccer, and hang out with friends. 

Vice President of Marketing: Noah Trapolino

Noah Trapolino is a Senior Finance major, focusing on Real Estate, who is also minoring in Philosophy. He currently serves as Vice President for the Kappa Sigma Tau Fraternity. Noah also is a financial analyst for The McCombs Real Estate Fund, and enjoys playing basketball and reading philosophy in his free time. He is currently writing a thesis on modern monetary theory and critical theory.

Vice President of Finance: Johnnie Greenhill

Johnnie Greenhill is a Senior Finance major with a Minor in Management Information Systems and a Certificate in Risk Management. In addition to URES, he also works as a Program Assistant for RecSports as Student Finance Lead. In his free time, he enjoys trail running and spending time with friends.

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