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We are accepting new members for Fall 2023! Annual Membership is $80 and Semesterly Membership is $50

1. Select a membership plan below

2. Sign up for an account

3. Pay your dues!


To cancel your paid membership, go to your portal under "My Subscriptions" and click "Cancel Subscription"

  • Semester Membership

    Every 6 months
    • Recruiting Guides
    • GM Lecture Slides
    • Guest Speaker Notes
    • Mentorship Program Applications
    • Practice Cases and Models
  • Annual Membership

    Every year
    • Recruiting Guides
    • GM Lecture Slides
    • Guest Speaker Notes
    • Mentorship Program Applications
    • Practice Cases and Models


General Meetings and Guest Speaker Events

Unpaid members are welcome to come to general meetings and guest speaker events, where we invite industry professionals across a range of CRE roles. Slides from these meetings will only be available to Paid Members.



Paid members get access to the URES Portal, which gives you access to recruiting guides, lecture slides and speaker notes, committee applications, mentorship program applications,  and practice case studies. Paid members also get steep discounts to URES socials and student networking events.

Recruiting Guides

We provide interview preparation material including BIWS 500 Questions for CRE Interviews, technical interview questions and solutions uniquely curated by URES Officers and Alumni, and a step-by-step guide on nailing summer analyst/full-time interviews. Interview guides range from basic (for Freshmen and Sophomores) to advanced (for Juniors and Seniors).

Lecture Slides/Speaker Event Notes

URES upperclassmen teach lectures over careers, interviewing, REITs, and REPE. Our speaker events invite former accomplished URES alumni to engage members in thought-provoking discussions. Paid members will have access to PowerPoint slides and notes after each meeting.


We run an intensive mentorship program that teaches members how to nail interviews, construct resumes, build lasting relationships, and develop technical skills in commercial real estate. You MUST be a paid member in order to apply.

Practice Cases Studies

URES members participate in real estate case competitions at UT, Cornell, Villanova, UBC, among others. We provide practice case studies/solutions across a range of difficulties for both members who are new or are more experienced.

Discounts on Socials

We host socials to help develop strong bonds between URES members. These are offered at a steep discount for paid members. Past socials include Easy Tiger, Top Golf, Korean BBQ, Juliet Italian Kitchen, Qi Austin, among other events.

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